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Updated 7 October 2021

QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan offers you to set up or migrate your Qloapps Hotel Booking & Reservation System on Google Cloud Platform which helps you to optimize and secure your store with Qloapps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan one time installation and setup feature.

Services provided by QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan –

  • SFTP
  • LAMP
  • SSH
  • SMTP mail Integration
  • CDN Integration
  • PhpMyAdmin With Secure Port
  • Website Modification Report
  • DNS Mapping
  • SSL Integration
  • Support Period

Simple File Transfer Protocol

The entire login session, including password transmission, is encrypted while using SFTP. Therefore, the benefit of the SFTP protocol is that your data remains secure throughout the entire transmission process.


LAMP includes Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP / Python / Perl, and is an immensely common platform for high-performance web application creation and deployment.

Secure Shell

You only need to identify yourself for once by using ssh and get secure access to all remote clients by simply adding your public key to the authorized key of the client.

Mail integration

We help you integrate your current email services or new mail services with the specified e-commerce store in the Mail Integration package.

CDN(Content Delivery Network) Integration

CDN helps to speed up the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and global reach. As more users are closer to the CDN, faster the content will be delivered to the user.


You can build, modify, drop, remove, import, and export MySQL database tables through this software. You can run MySQL queries, optimize, repair, and check tables, change collation, and execute other database management commands.

Website Modification Report

We provide a special add-on script in your Linux Server which helps you to detect the hacking attacks on your application end. It helps you detect problems inside your application and secure your server after any malicious code has been targeted.

DNS Mapping

We’ll provide you with the DNS Mapping function to link your website to your current domain. We need your DNS panel credentials to map your domain with your website, or if you do not want to share your credentials for security purposes, then we will assist you to do the same for sure.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Integration

Secure logins, creating a secure session, secure data transfer & secure database connections, and more are some of the reasons why SSL integration is needed for online transactions.

Support period

We will provide a support of 17 days starting from the day when all the credentials and setup will be delivered to the client, during that time, the client can verify that everything is working as expected and that all of the features are available.

Noteworthy Points to remember –

  1. This installation and optimization plan is exclusive for Linux based Operating systems only.
  2. It’s a one-time set-up installation.
  3. Support Period of 15 days
  4. And SLA will be 18 hours
  5. Issues Regarding Application or Modules are not included in this support.
  6. The mode of Communication will be Ticket and Email only.

Different Support Facilities –

Module Basis Support

The support period varies with the plan, and for the QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan, we generally provide a support period of 15 days with an SLA of 18 hours, that will start from that particular day once the setup is completed and all the credentials are provided to the client. For more details, you can refer to this link –

Hourly Package For Customization

You can purchase the “Hourly Package For Customization”, where you can buy hours for your customization work. You can buy different packages as we are having 10 (basic package hours), 20, 30, and 50 hours packages.

Refer to this link for more details –

Priority Support

After that, We have a “priority support service” that will be provided 24/7, which addresses the critical issues raised by the client and the client will only have to pay for the number of purchased incidents and the amount of time required to solve the critical incident but not for the entire day.

Terminologies –

Incidents – Critical issues encountered by the client.

Package – The monthly package which can be purchased by the client. This package will include a given number of Incidents “reports” or Incident “calls” which client can make and it will be resolved by the Webkul on a discounted hourly rate

Package type and Cost –

Name Of PackageMonthly Cost (USD)Incident calls provided

For more information about Priority Support, you can contact us –

To initiate server setup, the below details are required for QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan –

  1. GCP Credentials – We need your GCP credentials and for the initial phase, we generally set up your VM machine with the e2-micro – 2 vCPUs, 1 GB memory, and CloudSQL – 1vCPU, Memory- 614 MB, SSD storage- 10 GB.
  2. GCP Region – Do let us know the GCP Region in which you want us to set up your server, Please select the region which is closest to your clients.
  3. For CDN Integration – For this, Which one would you prefer, We prefer Cloudflare as it acts as a DNS panel, CDN, application firewall, and can provide SSL termination. You can create an account on Cloudflare from here and share the login credentials. We will migrate your nameservers from the existing DNS panel to Cloudflare.
  4. DNS Credential – You need to share your Domain name along with the DNS login details of the account from which you have bought your domain name. This would be required to change the Nameservers while DNS mapping in Cloudflare (Only if you choose Cloudflare).
  5. SSL Certificate – If you have SSL certificates for your domain name then you can provide us the same, else we can use Cloudflare shared SSL certificates (only if you choose Cloudflare CDN).
  6. SMTP Credentials – In order to send monitoring reports via emails, we need SMTP mail credentials. You can either share with us your existing SMTP mail credentials or can create an account with any other mail provider like Zoho, Sendgrid, Gmail, etc as per your preferences, and then share the login credentials with us.

For more queries, you can contact us via –

FAQs for QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan

Brief about QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan?

QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan offers you to set up or migrate your Qloapps Hotel Booking & Reservation System on Google Cloud Platform which helps you to optimize and secure your store with Qloapps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan one time installation and setup feature.

Does this QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan support all cloud computing platforms?

No, This plan is specifically designed for GCP. So it will only support GCP services.

What access do you need to perform the service on my website?

We will require your GCP, CDN, DNS, SMTP credentials.

How will I get notified if there are any changes made to my file or resources?

We are using tools for this which will provide you the real-time notifications regarding your server resources. We will set up a threshold limit on each and every resource as per the standard and automate the monitoring part which helps you to detect the issue and provide you the real-time experience to troubleshoot or overcome the main cause of the issue.

How can i communicate with you?

The mode of Communication will be Ticket and Email only. To create a ticket, you need to refer this link –

That’s all about the QloApps GCP Cloudkul Gold Plan.

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