CDN Integration


CDN Integration

Content Delivery Network is a system of Distributed servers that deliver content to an end user as per the geographical location of the user. CDN helps to speedup the delivery of content of websites with high traffic and global reach. As much user is closer to the CDN, faster the content will be delivered to the user. In CDN, servers nearest to the endpoint user respond to the request. CDN copies the content or pages of a website to a network of servers that are dispersed at geographically different locations around the world. CDN follows the concept of caching and provide cached content from the server which is located nearest to the user.

In our CDN Integration service, we provide two CDN options which are as follows-:

  • Cloudflare CDN -: Cloudflare provides the best CDN solution which help you to manage your DNS entries and protect your web application from various web attacks. Cloudflare provides a WAF(Web Application Firewall) to protect your application from daily hacking attacks. It save your bandwidth by providing cached content to the end user and also help you to create specific page rules for your websites, for more details you can check Cloudflare.
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN -: Cloudfront is a CDN service provided by the AWS. It integrates with other amzaon web services products and help you to cached your content on AWS Regions and Availability zones. It cached all your website static data like images, js, css on its Network and then you can access these static data direct from AWS CDN rather than accessing your own Server. It helps you to manage your bandwidth and optimize your application without any extra efforts, for more details you can check Amazon Cloudfront.

You can opt for one of the CDN Solution we provide and then we will integrate that solution with your Store or Web application for better, efficient and optimized result.

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