SSL Integration


SSL Integration

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.It is a transport layer protocol which is used to establish a secure connection between server and client.When you visit an SSL integrated website the connection between your browser and the website is secure. The transmitted data are all in encrypted form.

Why use SSL integration?

When you visit a simple HTTP website the connection is insecure. The data exchanged between server and client is in plain text. If someone intercepts the data between server and client, he can easily read the data. If you are sharing some sensitive information like password, credit card information, personal data, the attacker can easily get it. The attacker can get the session information and use it to login from other machines.So you should always exchange information securely, therefore integrate your website with SSL.

How SSL works ?

In SSL, data are transmitted in encrypted form.Even if someone intercepts and get your data, he will not able to extract information from the data. So your data are safe from the hackers. For transferring data securely both server and client agrees to use a code and use this code to encrypt and decrypt the data. In SSL web servers and browser use certificates for communicating with each other. When someone visits the SSL integrated website the browser ask for the copy of the certificate from the website(server). If the certificate is trusted by the browser, it sends a message to the server. The server then responds with a digitally signed acknowledgement to start an SSL encrypted session. Now browser and the web server can exchange data securely.

There are many reasons you should integrate your website with SSL.

  • For online transaction
  • For secure logins
  • For establishing a secure session
  • For secure data transfer
  • For secure database connection

We will help you to integrate your website with SSL by two ways which are as follows-:

  1. Installing your pre-existing SSL certificates on your server.
  2. Integrating SSL on your website with the Help of CloudFlare.

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