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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is Amazon Web Services which are used to host Web based applications on the cloud,

  • EC2 instance according to your website or application Requirement.
  • RDS instance to boost up your database query bandwidth.
  • Cloudfront CDN to improve the efficiency and caching.
  • AWS Snapshots to backup your data and configuration.
  • CloudWatch to monitor your Server load and traffic.
  • Route 53 to Manage your DNS Services.
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Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud (GCP) computing resources are available through Google Compute Engine which offers customizable VM instances.

  • Deploy GCP VMs in google data centers depending upon your application requirement.
  • Managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
  • Cloud CDN network to serve content closer to your users.
  • Managed backup and disaster recovery (DR) service for your web applications.
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Microsoft Azure

Azure provides seamless hybrid flexibility and affordable, highly secure cloud services that boost developer productivity.

  • Create the right virtual machine for your Windows or Linux operating system-
  • Create a SQL database through the Azure portal.
  • Stream media and download large files quickly with Microsoft Azure CDN service.
  • Secure backups of your web application using Azure Backup service.
  • Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) domain in Azure.
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Speed Optimization

Cloudkul Offers you the best possible plans to optimize your e-commerce store and enhance visitor’s experience

speed optimization and migration

The faster your E-Commerce website is, the more likely your visitors will stick around and buy something from you which would eventually result in less bounce rate.

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Magento is indeed a fastest growing and largest platform for the eCommerce store.

speed optimization and migration

The technology being updated by every passing minute, also exhausting support and resources for prior versions, our store should to be updated with the latest version available.

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Webkul can help keep your e-commerce site safe and secure in today's digital world.

speed optimization and migration

E-commerce security assessment is crucial for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities to protect against cyber threats


Cloud technologies empower businesses of all sizes to innovate faster, scale operations efficiently, and adapt to changing market demands while reducing upfront costs and maintenance efforts associated with traditional IT infrastructures


Achieve optimized enterprise performance

Emergency live support

We Provide 24*7 emergency support to our customer

Go live in minutes

Provide Go Live Support go live in minutes

On-demand optimizations

Provide On-Demand optimization support

Server Error Debugging

Server Error Debugging (like 404,403, 502 and etc)

Server periodic monitoring

Provide server periodic monitoring support

Chat and ticket support

Provide chat and ticket support

How It works

Analysation for better Performance

Optimization with Super Powerful Tools

Improved and Fast Performance for System

Implementation Plans

Achieve optimized enterprise performance

Single Server Model

In this single server model, your Application server and the Database server will be on the same server.

Two Server Model

In this model, basically, we are going to keep the database on a separate server which means the application server will be on one server and the database will be on the second server.

Multi Server Model

A multi-server model is an advanced architecture that uses multiple application servers to balance the load among the servers.

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If you are facing any issue regarding optimization and security, dive into the world of cloud solutions and improve your client interactions with the help of cloudkul.

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