Docker, A new ERA of virtualization.

Docker is a kind of virtualization in which we wrap up the whole development environment in an entity which is defined as container, so that we can overcome the problem of application portability and can run our application on any kind of platform. Docker helps us to bind the code, system tools and system libraries inside a container and make it easy for developers and system admins to focus only on their own work. Docker can be used to deploy the applications in a one go and doesn’t require any complexity on any platform.

Containers are lightweight and can share the kernel and file system of same operating system if deployed on a single system. Containers are isolated to each other and in that way they provide an extra layer of security to the application. With the help of containers we can run multiple versions of a specific service on a single server for example you can run mysql-5.5 and mysql-5.6 both on a single server efficiently. We can connect multiple containers to each other to fulfil the complex architecture of an application.

For installation of docker on your own server you can refer

For Basic understanding of docker commands you can refer our blog

You can check our Magento 1.9 Ready container on this link and follow the instructions as mentioned in that link.

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