Docker is a kind of service which allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into an entity which is called as a container. Container wrap up the software into complete filesystem which contain code, system tools, system libraries and anything else which is required to run that application. It totally virtualize the environment inside a container and make it run without any trouble. Container is a lightweight and can share the same operating system with other containers if running on a single machine. It isolate the application from each other by providing an extra layer of protection to the application.

You can run multiple containers inside a single server and remove the dependency issues on you own by dockerizing your ecommerce websites with the new era of virtualization

Features of Dockerizing an application.

  • Consume less resources as compared to single standalone server.

  • No Dependency issues in setting up the application.

  • Easy to port your application or eCommerce store.

  • Isolate your applications to each other for extra security.

  • Run multiple versions of the same service on your server