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Powerful Commands for Linux Performance Monitoring.

  • htop – Linux Process Monitoring
    Similar to top but user friendly interface to manage process,shortcut keys,vertical and horizontal view of the processes and much more.
  • iostat – Input/Output Statistics
    Trace storage device performance issues including devices, local disks, remote disks such as NFS.
  • iptraf – Real Time IP LAN Monitoring
    Collects a variety of information such as IP traffic monitor that passes over the network, including TCP flag information, ICMP details, TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns, TCP connection packet and byne counts. It also gathers information of general and detaled interface statistics of TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, non-IP, IP checksum errors, interface activity etc.
  • nethogs – Monitor Per Process Network Bandwidth
    Keeps a tab on each process network activity on your system. It also keeps a track of real time network traffic bandwidth used by each program or application.
  • iftop – Network Bandwidth Monitoring
    iftop is a ‘top’ family tool that monitor a selected interface and displays a current bandwidth usage between two hosts.

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