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Magento2 command line installation

Magento 2.x can be installed using command line interface by passing desired values as arguments.

Go to Magento-2.x root directory and then eventually to bin directory as:

cd path_to_magento2_directory/bin/

Make the file naming magento executable residing in that directory as:

chmod +x magento

Now install magento 2.x as:

magento setup:install --<option>=<value> ... --<option>=<value>

Take an example:

magento setup:install --db-host="database_host" --db-name="database_name" --db-user="database_user" --db-password="database_user_password" --base-url="http://domain_name/" --use-rewrites="1" --admin-user="admin_name" --admin-password="admin_password" --admin-email="admin_mail" --admin-firstname="admin_firstname" --admin-lastname="admin_lastname" --backend-frontname="admin_url" --use-secure="1" --base-url-secure="https://domain_name/" --use-secure-admin="1"

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