Why SEO is important for your Online shop / Ecommerce website

Updated 30 December 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way of optimizing the traffic on the website, which simply means that search engines such as Google, rate pages higher.

The primary objective of any search engine is to help users quickly and accurately find the information, products or services they are searching for online. As a result, it helps in,

  • Link consumers to all information that is important to them. Google shows up website link in its search results Like, Google maps for location based searches, Google images for image related searches etc.
  • Connect the marketers to the customers, they care about. ie increase the conversion rate.

As per search statistics, 4 Billion plus searches everyday. In which, majority of these are on Google. Global 90%, U.S 78%, U.K 82%, India 93%. Therefore, 93% of buyers research online before purchasing anything online. Google search usually accounts for 30 to 40 percent of a website traffic.

Since, search is one of the key ways in which people discover content online, higher search engine rankings will result in more traffic to a website.

Why it’s important to be at the top of the page?

  1. 90% Users don’t go beyond 1st page.
  1. There are 10 results on the 1st page but the top 3 results get 60% of the traffic.
  • 32% of users click on first result.
  • 17% of users click on second result.
  • 11% of users click on third result.

Therefore, if you slip a few ranks on the first page, the overall traffic of your website, particularly those coming from google searches, would be significantly reduced.

Role of the SEO

  • The SEO knows how the search engine functions and helps to connect the search results to the brand’s web assets.
  • SEO allows to get organic (free) traffic to the website which could leads to development, growth and sales of an organisation.
  • SEO helps to get rankings. As a result, which is useful to know the website’s status.
  • It generates good traffic and therefore, produces revenues.
  • SEO helps in measuring the performance and analysing the results.
  • With SEO, you are expected to get a higher ROI than other marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • SEO offers the company a chance to engage in targeted demographics.
  • Some of the best things about SEO is that, against most metrics used for marketing purposes, it provides measurable results.
  • The SEO is ideal for small as well as large companies. Perhaps the most cost-effective marketing approach is to bring the business forward on the network.
  • we can cater market or choose to reach any audience and all this has been made easy because of SEO.
  • SEO helps to keep the content in front of the search engines in a way that will increase their indexing possibilities. That’s how the exposure of your company in the digital world is getting a massive boost.
  • Moreover, it helps in increasing the conversion rate, means it will turn the visitors into buyers.


Thus, business and service website requires SEO to retain its position in the Google search engine or any other search engine. It is the role of SEO to keep website in search engines as front runner.

Hence, without SEO , you’re going to fail in two ways…

  • won’t rank for quality keywords
  • won’t able to turn visitors into buyers

Finally, we can conclude that SEO does all of this by working with a variety of factors.

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