Why optimization of your website is important?

The thought of creating a website for the first time could be overwhelming. A good start for getting a website is having a clean and easy home page that loads easily and shows only important information, clearly stands out with user-friendly navigation. Why optimization and how to optimize are crucial learning aspects for the success of the website. People put a lot of effort to make sure that their website performs well. If everything to your website is good it has an incredible structure, the best user interface and has targeted and relevant content, but that does not matter as it is not the first experience your visitor has with your site. Everything begins with page loading. If the speed of your website is fast, you have the probability of higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

Need of optimization

To increase traffic on website

People generally ignore those websites which are slow in loading. No one likes slow website. Getting a fast website would ensure a good customer experience and increase users’ chances of visiting other pages on your website. According to the researchers 46% of users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To get higher Ranking

Faster the website, higher will be the ranking of your website. Page loading time is the essential factors that affects the ranking of the website. Those websites which are high in loading time and attracting more traffic are getting high ranking as compared to other websites.

Helps Maximize profit

Speedy and faster websites increases conversion rate. One second delay can cost you up to 7% of low conversions.Imagine what more 5 seconds of loading time will do. Don’t let your company fail, this time speed up your website.

How to conduct optimization for the website

Optimise images and media files

When you do not optimize the images, you are slowing down the loading time it takes to load these images when a user visits a page.There are certain things you can do to optimize your images – Firstly, upload images as JPG file images as your default because they load faster as compared to PNG file types.Secondly, limited use of GIFs. Because images are directly hosted on your server, the large the files you use, the more they will contribute to a slow page load time.

Minify JS & CSS files for optimization

Reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to make the site load faster.You can also make JavaScript files load later, to save on initial loading time of your pages. However, this is all about balance, your site needs to remain stable after the minification. We can never compromise stability for speed.

Use Content Delivery Network

The main reason of using a CDN(content delivery network) is to help server files load much faster. A CDN utilizes a cached version of your website’s data at multiple geographical locations to allow content to load more quickly.

Use Dedicated web Hosting

When your website is unavailable, you have a risk of losing potential visitors from your website due to a low page loading time. It is true that creating your website under a dedicated hosting plan may seems costly plan, but with this hosting you can increase the loading time of the website.In fact, where speed is the priority, switching to the dedicated web hosting provider is the best solution.

Use Web Application Firewall

A WAF (Web application firewall) can help in speed up your website. When malicious agents are left unfiltered they can clog your website’s server resources, thus reducing the overall speed and performance of the site. When a WAF is in place, you can be assured that only valid traffic is coming through.

Such web optimisation strategies can make a big difference when it comes to your website’s performance and security. There are ways to boost the loading time and overall security of your website, from optimizing images to introducing a WAF.

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