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Loss of the data is a major concern for companies across the globe. Losing data implies the expenditure of time and money to retrieve or rebuild valuable company details. It happens when data is unintentionally lost, or when data becomes compromise by someone. Data loss often has a significant influence on the business ‘ financial wellbeing. Data loss also affects profitability and competitiveness, if exacerbated by security violations, contributing to consumer loss. By simply enabling Cloud Backup, you will mitigate your business’ data failure risk.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup are a type of cloud storage, that stores data and extracts from a variety of cloud resources. Therefore, firms, businesses and individuals can easily store data on the server via cloud-based backup solutions through a cloud storage service providers. Furthermore, it also provides remote access to service provider facilities through a secure user authentication system. It helps with saving information with a secure and encrypted connection on the web server from the user’s device or data center.

In this blog, we will provide a picture of cloud backups and the pricing of the three main providers of cloud services – AWS, Azure and GCP. Nearly all providers of cloud services offers a range of features and resources. Let’s glance at the top three ‘s selection.

AWS Cloud Backup

AWS Backups has been develop to automatically simplify and control the backups. It provides the setting up of policy-based backup, on-going tracking of the status of backups, compliance verification and restore backups, all via a central console. Every backup plan includes one or more Backup Regulations. And the rules specifically state the backup retention period, window and frequency.


You just account for the amount of backup storage you are using for AWS Backup, and the amount of backup data you are restore within a month. As a result, no fixed charge and activation cost requires. The pricing of Backup storage is based on your backup data consumption. A full copy of your data will be save for the first backup of an AWS resource. Only the modify part of your AWS resource is save for each incremental backup.

To know how you will be charged, simply click the link.

Azure Cloud Backup

The Microsoft Azure backup could also be used in the Microsoft Cloud for backup, protection and restoration of your data. This replaced on-site, local or off-site backup service with a robust and efficient Cloud-based system.

Azure provides a variety of modules which can be download and install on a compatible device, server, or cloud. Regardless of what you want to protect, all backup components offer users the ability to back up data to an Azure Recovery Services vault.


Meanwhile, there are two components to the price model for Azure Backup:

Protected instances : It is Azure Backup ‘s primary billing feature. Therefore, Price is charge by the customers on the basis of the the instances cover by the Azure backup service.

Storage: Customers can choose between Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) or Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS) for their backup vault. Although, the net price for Storage depends on the amount of data stored with the service.

To check out the pricing, kindly visit the link.

GCP Cloud Backup

GCP Cloud backup lets you recover your loss data to Cloud SQL instance. You may also recover an instance that has backup issues. Allow automatic backups for any instance with the correct data. Backups secure your information from failure or loss. Besides this, it offers incremental backups i.e, They only contain data which have changed after the previous backup.

Moreover, It generally offers two types of backups : Automated Backups and On Demand Backups.


Up to 7 automated backups plus all on-demand backups are retained in Cloud SQL. They are accountable for the backup storage rate. Storage that is used by the backups is billed at a lower rate. Check out the pricing page to know more about pricing.


Although it might be tough to find a option for you on the right provider of cloud backup services. Furthermore, each of the three service providers is thoroughly chosen according to your specifications and expectations and how these service providers will better manage them. We trust that you will make a rational decision.

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