Traditional Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Nowadays there is a word which is trending in the IT sector that is “Cloud Hosting”, So lets try to understand the difference between traditional hosting and cloud hosting.

In traditional hosting, there are two types of services either Dedicated or Shared. In Dedicated hosting a company pays a specific amount according to their requirement and get complete resources to handle its application need. In traditional hosting customer has a specific amount of bandwidth and Computing power if they want to expand their resources they have to purchase the server space from their service provider but if we talk about the shared hosting it might be cost effective and easily manageable but it has lots of drawbacks as well because in shared hosting bandwidth and file space is also shared so if any of the shared website or application face problems like DDOS or Security attack it also affects the others as well.

In cloud hosting all the required hosting infrastructure that is servers, load balancers, firewalls etc. are installed at remote location and managed by the user throughout the globe and the most important aspect of cloud hosting is that it can be easily scalable as well shareable to other users as well because if we talk practically no organization consumes 100% resources all the time. Resource requirement is the variable part which fluctuates rapidly as it depends totally on the traffic handled by the application. In cloud hosting customer has to pay on what he actually used and can manage the resources according to his requirement. In cloud hosting load and server space is managed with the help of clustering of multiple servers so if one or two goes down it doesn’t affect the availability of the application and protect the customer from the problem of downtime. It is more elastic and resilient as compared to traditional hosting. Cloud Hosting also reduces the cost of infrastructure as well because the customer don’t have to pay for the space and maintenance.

So if you need a scalable, effective and economical solution go for the AWS cloud Hosting as it provides various services regarding Computing, CDN, Monitoring, Backup and Maintenance. It also reduces the cost directly by charging you on the basis of Usage per Hours.



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