Top 5 Tips to Improve Security of Magento 2 Store

Updated 10 October 2023

Magento is used by over 2,60,000 merchants and currently, it holds 51 Million consumers worldwide over the internet which makes Magento 2 one of the leading ecommerce platforms and that is the reason which makes it a lucrative target for attackers.

Attackers are always on a hunt for loopholes and to pull out sensitive information from the stores.

Due to such constant threats securing magento2 stores becomes the top priority of the merchants which is actually the need of the hour to run their business without any glitches in performance and reputation.

Let’s discuss the top 5 tips to improve the security of Magento 2 stores:

Use of Updated and latest versions

  • It is a good practice to keep your store up to date. Updates not only come with enhanced features but also come with patched vulnerabilities.
  • Attackers can take advantage of old vulnerable features and this will be an easy win for them as by the time of the new release, poc’s old vulnerabilities might be available over the internet.
  • Always install extensions from trusted vendors like Webkul.

Secure Login panels

  • Avoid using default settings, set a custom path for the admin panel, also consider strong and unique credentials to log in.
  • Implantation of two-factor authentication and account lockout mechanism will help store owners from malicious, anonymous logins and brute force attacks.
  • Block users after a certain number of failed attempts and then allow login only after email verification.
  • Use HTTPS/SSL mechanism to communicate with server & vice-versa, encrypted HTTP connection will help to obtain confidentiality and will protect from sniffing attacks.

WAF and DoS prevention

  • Consider using a web application firewall and DoS protection shield as it will divert the unwanted traffic from malicious bots based on specific patterns.
  • WAF can help in the dismantling of common attacks like SQL injection, XSS & OWASP top 10 attacks.
  • Advanced WAF is capable in detection of complex attacks and can stand out as the first line of defense for your store against zero-day attacks.

Logs and Monitoring

  • Efficient logging and monitoring not only help in detecting bad requests but can also help in improving business based on user interactions
  • Always keep an eye on server files and set up an alert whenever any changes in the file system either regarding their permission or if any new files are added.
  • Logging and monitoring can also help in the detection of attacks at an early stage and in forensic analysis.

If you are looking for a way to monitor your Magento 2 store, check out this Magento 2 module.

Quarterly Security Assessment

  • It is possible that every merchant might not be aware of technical aspects so it is highly recommended to hire professionals to achieve business goals.
  • Regular security audits of magento2 stores will help vendors mitigate potential vulnerabilities and loopholes before bad actors can find and abuse them.
  • Security audits can help organizations in maintaining industry standards along with fast speed, top-notch security, and regular updates.

Webkul provides all the above-discussed features in a single magento2 security extension.

It is user-friendly, easy to implement, and effective in blocking malicious bots, spams, and bad login attempts, based on origins or Abuseipdb score along with verifying users and almost covering overall actions in the admin panel.

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