SMTP Mail providers for sending bulk emails

Updated 17 January 2023


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol for email transmission over the internet.

Benefits of SMTP implementation

  • Checks mail delivery.
  • Smtp mail server allows zero risk expansion, when required.
  • Furthermore provides Analytics
  • Ensures mail delivery without any corruption.

Limitations of SMTP implementation

  • The outbox is capable of holding two emails at once.
  • All email addresses are limited to single address and 40 characters.
  • The advanced email message text is limited to a maximum length of 4095 characters.
  • An email may be attached with maximum of one file.
  • There has to be network interface connection open.

Email providers

  • Gmail
  • Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service )
  • Sendgrid
  • Outlook
  • Zoho workplace
  • Mailchimp/Mandrill


  • Gmail is free, Google built email service. On the web, users can access Gmail and use third-party programs that synchronize email content via POP or IMAP protocol.
  • Gmail sending limits click here.
  • Pricing Plans.

Amazon SES

  • It is a cost effective email service based on the reliable and scalable infrastructure developed by amazon to serve its own client base.
  • sending limits.
  • AWS SES Pricing.
  • SES and deliverability
  • How to manage your Bounce Rate?


It is a cloud-based SMTP provider that enables you to send email without the need for email servers.


  • Send up to 40,000 emails for 30 days, then send 100 emails/day free forever.
  • There are rate limits on how often you can call the endpoint v3 Mail Send. At their endpoint we can currently make up to 10,000 requests per second. each email you send can contain up to 1000 receivers.
  • The total size of emails sent via the endpoint of the v3 mail send is limited to 30 MB. That means your message’s maximum attachment size depends on the size of the rest of the stuff.

Sendgrid Pricing.


  • It is a Microsoft’s web based suite of webmail, contacts, projects & calender services.
  • Sending Limits.
  • Pricing Plans.


  • Zoho Mail is an email platform that provides a combination of ad-free, clean, streamlined interface and powerful business- and professional-oriented features.
  • Sending Limits.
  • For Pricing visit.


  • Mandrill, a Mailchimp-built transactional email platform, is a powerful delivery service, that can be used for personalized emails, one-to-one emails etc.
  • Sending Limits.
  • Pricing is as per plans.


To conclude, the improvement of the SMTP protocol will lead to the creation of a better mail environment with greater efficiency and high performance of the email server. We also have developed a ready-to-use extension for e-commerce platforms including Magento 2 SMTP.

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