Odoo Ecommerce Benchmarking Plan – Answer to your Odoo E-commerce website Capability

Updated 17 January 2023

As we are living in a world, which is highly dynamic, and the only constant thing is “Change” . The same applies to your odoo eCommerce website that needs to be ready for the future bottlenecks and spikes. To test whether your website will withstand the bottlenecks and traffic spikes in the future, we have Odoo Ecommerce Benchmarking.

Let’s say, Mr. Peter owns an Odoo Ecommerce website, i.e. xyz.com. He and his team predicted that their website would withstand 1,000 concurrent users. So they’ve planned everything to make their website live. So, as soon as the site went live, the site crashed as it hit 350 concurrent users. This was a setback for Mr. Peter and his team, and they can’t take any delay in releasing the site.

Here’s comes Odoo Benchmarking eCommerce plan. lets try to understand about this plan first and how it will works.

Odoo Benchmarking Plan:

Odoo Ecommerce Benchmarking Plan conducts an in-depth analysis and also benchmarks for different real-time traffic scenarios. It will give you a brief idea of how your website will act in the event of a sudden spike in traffic. After the results of the benchmarking, you will have a clearer idea of whether or not, the server will meet your standards.

So with reference to our example, all the concerns of xyz.com for Mr. peter will be answered in the Odoo Ecommerce Benchmarking Plan:-

  1. Will application be able to stand if you go live?
  2. When server observe a traffic spike then what will happen?
  3. How many visitors do you expect on your website?
  4. But what’s the expected peak visitor?
  5. What is the intended actual primary purpose of testing?

So now lets try to understand, what is Jmeter?

As we also described in our last blog, the Apache JMeter application is open source software. Also its 100 % pure Java application for loading functional test behavior and measuring performance. Moreover it is initially develop to test web applications.

Now that we have come to know exactly what Odoo and Jmeter are, try to understand the problems that face or will face in the future. Whether your current odoo server setup is capable of managing bottlenecks, difficulties and also estimated traffic spikes that could impact the page response and could hinder potential customers by reducing sales.

Odoo Ecommerce benchmarking plan in which we will include:-

  • Mimicking real traffic scenarios to get an insight of server capability.
  • Apache JMeter load testing tool will be used to perform benchmarking of Odoo server.
  • Apache Jmeter Installation and setup.
  • Sample data of products and customers (portal users) i.e. customer name, email, address,phone, country, postal code, etc. will be uploaded on the test database (cloned from production database) of staging/testing/dummy Odoo server. Test database will be deleted later.
  • Benchmarking frontend website visitor operations like :- Login, Add to cart, Complete cart checkout, Adding products to wishlist, Browsing through product categories.
  • Checkout process will be done without using the payment gateway.
  • With maximum 500 concurrent users on clients server.
  • This service involves only one-time benchmarking and analysis for a certain configuration of Odoo server. Incase if you want to perform bechmarking on a new server configuration, you will need to purchase the plan again.
  • This plan will not give an insight of the errors occurs during the benchmarking, it will specify the error codes that came up during the benchmarking process.

Benefits Of Benchmarking

Noteworthy Key Points:

  • Benchmarking of Odoo Ecommerce. Plan performs an in-depth analysis and benchmarks for various real-time traffic scenarios. It’ll give you a brief idea of how your website will act in the event of a sudden traffic surge.
  • Apache JMeter is an open source software. Also its 100 % pure Java application for loading functional test behaviour and measuring performance.
  • Mimicking actual traffic scenarios to gain insight into the capabilities of the server.
  • The Apache JMeter load monitoring tool will perform Odoo server benchmarking.
  • We will carry out the check-out process without using the payment gateway.
  • With a limit of maximum 500 concurrent users on the client server.

Thanks for reading!

We hope now you have a clearer picture about our Odoo-Ecommerce Benchmarking Plan and How it can help you in keeping your Odoo-Ecommerce Website running smoothly during this blog you have found something valuable.

In case of any help or query, please contact us or raise a ticket. Webkul is an official Odoo Ready Partner and Odoo Development Company, offering a wide range of services for enterprise businesses.

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