Do i really need SSL certificate for my e-commerce store?

Before getting into “Do i really need SSL certificate for my e-commerce store”, we should talk about “what is SSL and why it is a matter of concern”.

Planning to accept credit cards online? A merchant account is likely to be needed, and most of them will require you to be using an SSL certificate. Many web hosting providers, including GoDaddy, have terms of services that allow you to encrypt your website with an SSL before you accept credit cards. Moreover , would you really like to risk your customers having their credit card information compromising while shopping at your website?

Most of the online store and shopping card programs, come with a built-in secure payment system, to protect customers information.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a networking protocol designed for establishing the encrypted link between the web client and the web server over unsecured network. As a result, it maintains the security of the information that the browser provides such as customer’s credit card details, passwords,login credentials, and etc to a web server such as any online store or online banking applications.

To create an a secure connection and activate it in your web server, you need certificates for the domain, called SSL Certificate. Browsers does not accept self signed certificates.

HTTPS stands for ‘secured hyper text transfer protocol’ . It is just HTTP with SSL. Websites having HTTPS address has a SSL Certificate issued by a certificate authority and the traffic on that website is authenticated and encrypted with this Protocol.

Need of the Certificate

  • Maintains high encryption levels of upto 256- bit to protect user’s sensitive information from phishing scams and attacks.
  • Protects the website from attacks, reduces the risk of hacking, eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • It establishes a safe shopping experiences to the customers, it is necessary for the websites accepting the payments.
  • Increases your brand reputation by validating your business from trusted certificate authority (TCA).
  • Users trust the website with the ‘secured connection ‘ sign, which increases organisations’s profit.
  • It provides authentication of a website.
  • It provides better search engine ranking to the secured website as compared to unsecured websites as users can’t trust them.
  • HTTPS site with green padlock and company or organisation name increases the credibility and trust of a website and company.

How this Certificate works

  1. So when a browser requests to communicate with a SSL secured website (or web server) . The browser requests the web server to identify itself.
  2. The web server sends the copy of its Certificate of the browser.
  3. The browser will check whether the server trusts this Certificate or not. If so,then it sends the message to the server.
  4. The web server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgement to the browser to start an SSL secured encrypted session.
  5. The browser and the web server will share the authenticated data.

In this way, this Certificates establishes a secured connection between the web client and the web server.

Certificate providers

Some Certificate providers are:

  1. Comodo,  Click – HERE
  2. GeoTrust, Click – HERE
  3. Symantec, Click – HERE
  4. RapidSSL , Click – HERE
  5. Thawte , Click – HERE

In short, SSL is becoming the cornerstone of our safe internet developed by Netscape, shielding your sensitive information as it is moving through computer networks across the world.

The latest version of SSL, such as SSL 3.0, and above, is called TLS (Transport Layer Security). It is simply the latest version of ssl. Most of the people still says ssl instead of TLS, that’s why majority of companies like- comodo, GeoTrust , Thawte are not changing their product names from SSL certificate to TLS certificate. TLS version 1.0 actually starting developing as SSL version 3.1, but the protocol name was changed before release to suggest it was no longer associated with Netscape, the SSL and TLS are used as in interchange.

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