Let’s use windows through Vagrant

Updated 14 June 2017

In the world of virtualization, if we have opensource OS like RHEL, Ubuntu, mint, centos etc then we have Microsoft Windows too, Yes ofcourse i talked about Microsoft Windows. Today if we will work on windows then we would have to pay some amount as its licensing cost or something like that. Today i would like to introduce you windows os with the opensource vagrant virtualization tool. Yes, you can use windows OS legally for testing environment without paying anything with the help of vagrant for atleast 30 days.

Let’s talk about how we can use windows with vagrant tool ?

As i have written one of my previous blog on vagrant, Installation process is same.

After Installation now lets get the vagrant box for windows os from its official site:


Hit the url and search for windows box, you will get all the windows os flavour like windows xp, windows 7 32 bit, windows 8 32 bit with its different IE versions.

Download the box what you want to download by hitting the command:-

After downloading, just exit from root user, if you will not exit from root user then you will not get your os in virtualbox and now if you are on your local user then make a directory by hitting:-

Now enter in the directory what you just have made by hitting:-

Initialize vagrant in the directory by hitting:-

Now you will get a file called Vagrant file, just open it and search the line named config.vm.box = “base” and change that “base” word with the name of your box what you gave at the time of downloading the vagrant box.

Now hit the command to get the windows os in virtualbox:-

Note:- Now no need to change anything in Vagrant file because you will get the complete os in Virtualbox.

Now open the virtual box installed in your system and use your windows operating system, run whatever you want to run on it, test whatever you want to test on it, you will get its trial version which will be valid for 30 day only….



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