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When we talk about AWS (Amazon Web Services) the basic name comes first “EC2”, Lets talk about EC2. What exactly EC2 is ?

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is an service which provides you a kind of virtual OS, in short you can say it provides you a virtual computing environment in which you can setup your web applications, static & dynamic sites of yours and all what you want to host through EC2 instance. It does not take your much time to configure & boot new server instance. It gets ready in just some minutes instead of taking long hours and allow you the instance through terminal to setup n configure your server as your computing requirement. It also provide you the complete control of your computing resources.


You can take snapshot of your running volume in instance to avoid the data loss if somehow your volume gets failed.


EBS (Elastic Block Storage) provides block level storage with your EC2 instance & every EBS volume automatically replicated with its Availability Zone to protect you from component failures.

It also provides a low latency performance needed to run your workloads.


Elastic IP is a static IP & If you will not assign elastic IP to your instance then after every reboot of your instance, your IP will be changed, so you can assign elastic IP (static IP) to your instance to avoid the frequently changing IP after every restart of your instance.


Elastic Load Balancer automatically distribute the incoming load of your website to avoid having your website slow.


AWS says that you pay only what you actually use. I would say that we pay a very low rate for the compute capacity we actually consume. For more kindly visit http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/pricing/

Now Lets talk how to run EC2 Instance and what all OS it provides:-

Lets Launch the EC2 Instance which is quite simple:-

1.First Logon to aws management console, on the services menu, click on EC2.

2.Click on Launch Instance

3.Select the OS which you want, like i would go with Ubuntu Server 14.04 64 Bit & click on next

4.Select your instance type what you have bought, i would go with t2.micro then click on next

5.Now select the number of instance, i would make only one & then select network IP and subnet then click on Add Storage.

6.As per your need select the storage, i would go with 8 Gb & then click on next

7.Now give the key name & value of your instance and then click on next Configure Security Group.

8.Now its totally up to you that you want to create new security group or existing security group, i would go with new security group then Add Rule like:

  • ssh type & select my IP in source column because i want ssh access only from my ip rather than from anywhere.
  • add HTTP & select from anywhere.
  • add HTTPS & select from anywhere.
  • select any other rule what you want, i would go with these three rules only.

9.Now select review & Launch

10.Now at last launch your instance & after clicking Launch, you will get a window of creating a new key pair. I would create new key pair by selecting the create a new key pair then give the name of your PEM file whatsoever and then click on Download new key pair, after that click on Launch instance to launch your instance.

Then your instance will be created and you can access it through the PEM file which you created just before launching the instance.


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