Cloudflare Content Delivery Network setup


Integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Magento 2 is one of the ways to make your Magento 2 and other ecommerce store faster.

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Thusly,  your static records i.e. product images, JavaScript and CSS will be in a server nearest to your customers. This will bring about faster Magento 2 and to really sweeten the deal, a diminishment in load on your server..


The following detail will help  to setup  CloudFlare.

  • Setup your cloudflare account using the snippet of image instruction

  • DNS record list  found will be displayed, including your subdomains. In here, you can decide which subdomains you want to enable Cloudflare or bypass Cloudflare
  • Any additional records, you can add them here. After you’ve reviewed your DNS records, click Process and continue next
  • Select a plan that suits your needs and then click Process and continue.


  • Rename your nameserver of your domain to cloudflare assigned name server and click continue.

Note: It will take maximum 72 hours for the nameserver information to take effect. You will receive a confirmation email from Cloudflare when the nameservers update is complete. Your site will not experience any downtime during this period.


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