Amazon Aurora : Scaling Magento sites on AWS

Why we need to migrate our database on cloud : Take A Quick Look 

The pace of cloud adoption has been increasing with custom applications and business being moved to the cloud day by day. Databases and data warehouses have often remained on-premises but now more enterprises and service providers view the database-in-the-cloud approach as a valuable option, Here are some important reasons :-

  • With your database in the cloud, using a service such as Amazon RDS, costs are significantly reduced. As an open source solution, software license costs are greatly reduced (by up to 90%) and you only pay for the hardware infrastructure you use.
  • The cloud infrastructure also enables rapid scalability to support peak demand without any reduction in performance.AWS can balance the workload to run applications in cloud regions closest to the users so as to boost performance.
  • Amazon Web Services also provides infrastructure security with data encryption, multiple security certifications as well as proprietary tools to ensure database security.
  • Migration from an on premises database to the cloud can be complex, but Amazon has developed certains migration tools that simplifies the data migration,code migration and apps associated with them.Hence, the easiness of AWS solves the complex database migration problems.
  • Ongoing database maintenance is also reduced by upto 75%, freeing up your DBAs to add value to your business.

Amazon Aurora combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.Hence, it is highly recommended by AWS to be used by users who are planning to migrate their database to cloud. Here are some reasons :-

Amazon Aurora is a relational database engine i.e fully mysql compatible but it will have five times better performance than standard mysql.Amazon Aurora joins MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL as the fifth database engine available to customers through Amazon RDS.

Features :

Amazon Aurora is fast, statistics says :-

  • With Aurora, we can perform 6 millions inserts per minute and 3 millions selects per minutes.
  • 5x the largest mysql RDS instance.
  • 5x mysql on EC2,on l2 instance with 8 local solid state drives.

Amazon Aurora is durable, statistics says :-

  • We have 6 ways to replicate data across 3 availability zones.
  • Data is continuously and automatically backup up to s3.
  • Designed for 99.9% durability.

Amazon Aurora is highly available, statistics says :-

  • Fault tolerant and automatically repair features in the background.
  • Crash recovery takes seconds not hours. Aurora reduces the need to perform a point-in-time restore to recover from a disk failure or a crash. Even if a point-in-time restore is needed, it will take much less time due to the superior performance
  • Database cache survives a database restart.
  • Automatic read replica promotion in minutes without data loss.

Why should we use Amazon Aurora with Magento ?

Before you switch to Aurora, your must ensure that your system and data is compatible with Aurora.Aurora is compatible with MySQL 5.6. Only the latest versions of Magento officially support MySQL 5.6 (i.e., Magento2 CE and EE, Magento CE 1.9.1 and Magento EE So before switching to Aurora, upgrade your site to the latest version of Magento CE or EE.

Magento typically has a few tables which use MyISAM, such as “catalogsearch_fulltext”. You will need to migrate any tables which use MyISAM to InnoDB.

  • In Magento, the checkout is heavily transactional. The fast response time of Aurora will be greatly beneficial when updating quotes and creating orders.
  • The back-end activities of Magento will take less time to execute on Aurora. You will see improvements when applying promotions, indexing, run reporting, and recovering from cache clears.
  • Aurora will reduce DB locks. This feature of Aurora is beneficial for the site which serves huge amount of orders on daily basis.
  • There will be no performace issues while taking snapshots. You can have a brand new stage infrastructure and environment within thirty minutes using a very recent copy of the live database.

Thousands of companies, including Expedia, Alfresco, Earth Networks, ISCS, Nasdaq, PG&E, WeTransfer, the Washington Post, and Zumba are among the many customers rapidly adopting Amazon Aurora. Since its release into general availability in July 2015, Amazon Aurora has become the fastest-growing service in the history of AWS.



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