Vagrant is an application which helps to attain virtualization on the shoulders of big giants like VirtualBox, VMWare, AWS etc. It also supports the provisioning tools like shell scripts, puppet or chef to automate the installation and configuration procedure to setup a virtualized environment. Vagrant is a tool which helps developer as well as System admin in there respective field by providing required development environment to developers and easy to setup environment configuration to system admins, Its a kind of tool which helps to say goodbye to the universal problem of “not working on my machine”.

With the help of vagrant you can setup multiple servers on a single machine and take the backup in the form of boxes and can easily migrate those boxes from one machine to another as per your requirement, no need to worry about the backups and portability just up your vagrant box and start exploring the real power of virtualization.

We can help you to setup your inhouse or cloud servers on Vagrant without taking pain of installation and configuration, With the help of Vagrant we can fullfill following requirements.

  • Make your Data Backup and Restore easy.

  • Virtualize your Servers with simple up script.

  • Make it easy to scale up your deployment infrastructure.

  • Get various ready to boot images from Vagrant and our own Repository.

  • Automate your development or testing enviroment with various provisioning tools.