css & js minification and merging


css & js minification and merging

When you visit a website, it loads a lot of files like HTML,CSS and JavaScript. So it takes time to load these files and site becomes too slow. In order to load your site faster you can minify and merge your JS & CSS files.

Minify JS and CSS

The JavaScripts and CSS files contain so many characters like white space, delimiters and new line characters. Some of the characters are not used in execution. They just take your space and do nothing.There are also comments present in the code.These comments are unnecessary while executing the code, You can remove these unwanted characters through minification.

Minification get rid of the following-:

* White space character
* New line character
* Delimiters
* Comments

Merge JS and CSS

If your website has lot of files, it has to make requests for each and every file. If you can merge the multiple files into a single one,then it only has to request a single file. So the response of the website will be better.Merging helps us to combine lots of JS and CSS files into a single one of there own.

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