AWS S3 Integration


AWS S3 Integration

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the storage for internet. It helps to scale your servers and computing power without any hassle. It provides a simple interface to save and retrieve your data from one location which is called bucket in Amazon S3. It makes your static content scalable, reliable and inexpensive to store on Amazon bucket. S3 contents are easily accessible by the API and provide various features which are as follows-:

1. Secure Access Right -: You can apply the public, private or limited access rights on the content according to your need.

2. Direct access by URL -: You can access the public content directly with the URL without using any API request. Which helps in making access easy and faster for developers.

3. Unlimited Storage -: There is no restriction on the size of bucket, you can upload as much as content you want in your bucket (Amazon will charge you on the bucket size)